Hi! I'm Pedro Medeiros and I like to create art, games and tools.

Hi, I’m Pedro Medeiros, I worked on Celeste, Towerfall and I’m currently leading art direction at EXOK Game and making many other projects on the side!

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  • Muder Engine: 2D Pixel art C# ECS Game Engine made by Isa! I usually help on the render and physics side of it.
  • Color Chimera: Random palette and idea generator.
  • Vector Chimera: Tool for recoloring pixel art.
  • MurMur: Dialog programming language.


  • Fonts: Just a couple fonts I did while ago.

Other stuff

  • Dead Weight: A low-fantasy roleplay-light dungeon crawler tabletop RPG. A work in progress.
  • Prints: I sell a few prints here!

What's New