Shattered Tomb of Acheron Zul

About this level

The burial chamber is filled with an unnatural darkness: light sources can light only half the distance (round down, so torches only light up to 2 tiles away).

This level is less intense than the upper floor, especially because the adventurers will probably be exhausted at this point. The fights here are more dangerous, but there's more breathing room.

If your players managed to get in here without going through the upper floor (probably using the sacrificial room entrance) you can add more wandering monsters to make things a bit harder.

1 Chamber Entrance

Stairs come down from the mausoleum to the burial chamber. The steps look ruined and crumble a bit when stepped on. The south wall is adorned with stone skulls and the door is only half the height of a normal door. Written above it "All that enter must bow in humility to death."

There's some half-burned firewood in a corner with a few bones. The ceiling is stained black from smoke.

If the adventurers haven't killed them upstairs, 2 reanimated husks are crawling here, and there's a void demon.

Other than that, there's nothing important in this room, just some cracked stones and skull ornaments on the walls.

The firewood can be used for camping.

2 Twisting Corridors

The dusty corridor twists in strange ways, and the walls are made of very large rectangular stones. Trails of black blood start and end all over the place - there was a fight here, but there are no corpses.

There's an iron nail between the floor and the wall right after the entrance.

There is a secret passage to the Corpse-Shrinking Lab. The iron nail is keeping the door closed, but after it's removed, that section of the wall can be pulled and it will snap open.

3 Corpse-Shrinking Lab

This room's the lab of Acheron Zul. It's filled with failed experiments. Tall, glass tubes with a glowing green liquid and corpses inside are all over the place. At some point, Acheron Zul tried a popular technique of that time - to dry and shrink the corpses in an effort to make them harmless. It obviously backfired.

4 Flooded Tunnel

Continuing south, the corridor starts to go down and part of it is flooded up to 1 meter deep. Rusty and leaky pipes can be seen running along the ground.

If the adventurers keep going south, they will notice that the corridor walls are crumbling and covered in spider webs.

5 Sacrificial Pit Entrance

Many vines have overgrown the passage to the sacrificial pit above. Small bones and dry pieces of animal leather cover the floor. There are some shackles on the wall.

6 Flooded Mine

This room is part of a cave system and is flooded with water. The ceiling is very high, except for northeast corner, which has a huge depression. That corner has a lot of pipes leading to it and so much water is falling from there that it looks like it's raining inside.

The walls glimmer with small black rocks from the cave system.

A water pump, connected to the water source, is present, and it's pumping water upstairs. A valve can be closed, which will drain the water from the flooded embalming room upstairs.

7 Guhlat's Lair

This is the nest of a giant spider, named Guhlat by the people of Trinta. It's a big cave, but clearly not natural, instead being dug out by the spiders, since it's a bit too rounded. The walls and floors are covered in spider webs and filled with small dried animal carcasses and thousands of very little spiders.

If the combat is too easy, you can add 1 or 2 dire spiders coming from the outside tunnel.

8 Mining Supply Room

This looks like an old supply room for some kind of mining operation.

9 Abandoned Vault

The entrance to this room is hidden: if someone pushes the wall, an audible click can be heard and the wall will open.

A terrified bounty hunter is here. He really doesn't want to fight, and locked himself in this room to hide from the goblins and the void demon that was roaming the corridors.

Irvine (Bounty hunter)

  • Quirks:
    • Hair on face, black clothes. He never removes the hair from his face and that's very annoying.
    • Smells like sweat.
    • Eyes always darting left and right, looking for something.
  • Goal: To get out of this dungeon alive, then flee Trinta, since the lord will probably hang him.
  • Conflict: Is very afraid of the monsters in the dungeon, since his whole group was killed.
  • What he knows:
    • Goblins are feeding something downstairs.
    • The thing downstairs is making him feel sick.
    • Goblins are very afraid of the thing downstairs.
    • He doesn't think Acheron Zul's corpse has anything to do with this curse.
  • How he ended up here:
    • He was part of the first expedition sent by the Lord of Trinta.
    • His friends all died or were captured by the goblins, then fed to the thing downstairs.
  • Can be ally? He really doesn't want to, but will help if no other choice is presented. Will run away at the first opportunity.
  • Can be hostile? Only if attacked, and even so will try to run at the first opportunity.

10 Tainted Shrine

The room is foggy, with scented vapors coming from the pool in the middle and from 4 braziers burning around the room. The braziers are emitting a very soft glow of embers. Stairs lead to an upper area of the room.

11 Summoning Room

A big stone room with a high ceiling. There's a big drawing on the floor of an orb with tentacles and an eye. To the south, there's an iron grate, where the corpse storage can be seen. In the north wall, there's a slightly ornate door covered by many chains and locks. Upon inspection, each lock has a family name written.

A group of goblins is camped here. When the adventurers get in, they see that one of them is sawing one of the corpses into smaller parts while another is carrying those parts to the west gate. A small gremlin is waiting at the gate. 2 bugbears and 1 sack men are guarding the place. A caged golden ridge maneater is also here; the nearest goblin not on corpse duty will open the cage as soon as possible.

If you believe this fight is too easy, add a goblin hunter firing arrows from behind the bars. If it's too hard, the goblins might have trouble opening the golden ridge maneater cage, or one of the corpses wakes up and starts attacking the goblins.

Even when the fight breaks out, the goblins sawing the corpses keep doing the job, and will not stop until someone stops them.

12 Corpse Storage

Big iron bars and a gate separate this room from the other summoning room. Dozens of vases with human corpses inside are stored here, all heavily bound but still moving. If any are freed, they will attack anyone near. They are starved cadavers.

The southeast section of this room is partially flooded. The water is foul, mixed with the corpse fluids.

13 Cave Antechamber

The goblin matriarch is locked in here, sitting in the corner, her fungus now partially attached to the wall. Two gremlins are carrying pieces of corpses downstairs and running back up, with a terrified look on their faces. The matriarch doesn't want to fight, and will leave if allowed.

In the corner of the room, there's a pile of clothes, shoes, old armor and hats.

Going downstairs will lead to the primordial cave

14 Achereon Zul's Vault

This place is empty - only scattered clothes and a statue of Acheron Zul remain. The statue has a distinct symbol on his face.