Shattered Tomb of Acheron Zul

1 Winding Staircase

A curved staircase that goes down to the goblin barricade and back to the tomb.

A big stone door is pried open and apparently stuck in the opened position by all the weaver silk. If the silk is burned or removed the door will snap closed, sealing anything inside. To open this door again requires the knock/lock spell, or someone to operate the mechanism in the flooded mine above.

2 Goblin Barricade

Everything in this room is covered in a silky substance, similar to a spider web but with a different pattern. Up close, this silk has a fractal pattern.

There's an altar in the middle with a low-relief carving in the shape of a body, empty.

A big barricade made of spears, table legs, and other improvised materials was built across the south door here. There's a small hole in the barricade: not big enough for the weavers in the next room to go through, but enough for a person. The adventurers can see the hungry weavers on the other side.

1 vault weaver is here, smaller than the others. This one got through the hole in the barricade. It is just finishing absorbing a corpse, extending its silk around the room. All movement inside the room is reduced by 1 tile. The weaver will finish absorbing the corpse in its first combat turn, spending one action to become a red weaver. As soon as it eats the corpse, the adventurers feel a wave of nausea and anxiety, as it was emanating from the orb; all adventurers receive a stun marker from that.

Killing the weaver will make it explode, throwing around all the corpses it had previously consumed. This weaver has consumed at least 10 corpses, including the dried up corpse of Acheron Zul, who can be recognized by the tattoo on his face; the corpse is remarkably well preserved.

Returning the corpse to Trinta will give the adventurers the bounty of 80 silver coins. The soothsayer will perform a very dramatic ritual in the middle of the city with the corpse. The soothsayer will claim that the curse is gone because of his ritual, and a small parade in the honor of the soothsayer will be held.

The adventurers must either kill all the weavers in the other room, or seal this one. If that doesn't happen, the weavers from the next room will eventually break out and start consuming all the corpses from the dungeon, keeping the curse alive. If that's the case, the Lord of Trinta will hang the soothsayer for not dealing with the curse.

3 Weavers Chamber

Behind the barricade is a big cave. Lots of empty clothes, coffins and loose pieces of armor are scattered around. A huge symbol is drawn on the ground. 2 [tomb weavers] are here. These monsters are probably way too strong for the players to deal with - they should consider just sealing them there. Killing the weavers will also deal with the curse.

A book of prayers to the old god Gyrrath is on the ground. This can be a hook for the next adventure.