Last update was 4:43 pm, 19th November 2022



  • Added images for all classes
  • Expanded the gods lore a little bit
  • Changed some starting equipment
  • (!) Character generator outdated and must be fixed soon!


  • Added new image for Cador clerics.
  • Added new image for Thaumaturgists of Ravenhome wizards.
  • Clarification on receiving help and extra effort


  • Added specific equipment for each cleric specialization.
  • Added the moon curser thief class background.


  • Major spell check and moderate wording updates (thanks @KyleTheCoder!)
  • Some extra flavor text for some classes.


  • Added a couple extra spells for the Kaal Rafir Clerics.


  • Removed traces of the unimplemented morale (payer miracles).
  • Added sacrifice for Goshkalon.
  • Added attack spell for wandering mystic
  • Added explicit rules for fainting and better mortal wound rules.
  • Added "Concentrate" action for wizards to remember lost spells when in a pinch.

Thanks to EinBurgbauer for sending me some amazing feedback and suggestions.

Done Recently

  • Rework and expand life paths
    • infancy
    • career
    • tragedy
    • burden
  • Auto dice roller on simple tables
  • Character advancement
  • Doom tracker during interlude
  • Sample dungeon level 3 (final level)
    • Still need some work but it's playable
  • Mortal wounds table
  • Quick reference guide with all the important tables
  • Interlude (City Phase)
  • Shield and armor
  • Thief Gangs
  • Warrior Companies
  • Sample dungeon level 2
  • Thief new art
  • Wizard new art
  • Explain trackers on core rules
  • Cleric sacrifice
  • Banish undead skill
  • Reordered content
  • Spells and schools of magic
  • Gods and prayers

Working on now

  • Island map
    • Settlements


  • World map
  • Improve intro
  • Improve interlude
  • Review the print version


  • Short video explaining basic rules
  • Fix broken links everywhere
  • Better encumbrance rules
  • Re-think usage dice (maybe something more elegant)
  • List of magic items
  • Guilds
  • More spells and schools of magic
  • More gods and prayers
  • Morale system (for interlude, not battle)
  • "Compatible with Dead Weight" logo