Pixel Dailies

Pixel Dailies is twitter account that posts daily themes for practicing pixel art, I’m trying to participate on most days and making icons of items, all in the same world of my side project, Scars.

They began using this when the Silver Death came, they quickly learned that while it offered some protection it wasn't nearly enough.

Among a Seeker's most treasured possessions, the Valley's map is surely the greatest. While going in the Valley with one is already extremely dangerous, going without it is just plain suicide.

While the amateur cheers when finding a lost Seeker's bag in the Valley, veterans shiver at the sight of one. What did the owner find that made them leave it?

Summer berries of the Empire are a rarity in Terminus. So much so that they became a status symbol among the wealthy. To the poor, a bitter reminder that even in quarantine, not everyone equal.

Terminus is a colony of the Empire, but boats from all over the world find their way to the city. This garment is commonly used by the ones that came from the eastern kingdoms.

There is a singular spot in the Valley where one can catch sunbeams in a bottle. If mishandled, though, they can burn though flesh like butter. Too volatile to be weaponized they are mostly used as lanterns.

In Terminus it's common to see people returning from the forest with a basket full mushrooms and berries for dinner. Unfortunately sometimes a single wrong mushroom can kill a whole family.

This candelabra, made from a strange metal found in the Valley, seems to create more of itself when in darkness, slowly dripping. It's said that one day this metal will grow to envelop the world.

Creatures known as imps often roam the Valley at night, and tales of missing children in Terminus imply that they were once human. Imp claws are mostly used in the making of potent tonics.

Portable shrines of Saint Ignas are carried on expeditions by the Church of the Hammer to the Valley as a form of protection and symbol of good intent. Many stay in the Valley with the corpses of their owners.

Seraph's Halos are terrifying artifacts found in the Valley. Any organic matter placed in front of a halo's opening is absorbed into a small sphere. Needless to say, they must be handled with extreme care.

The sand of the Valley's river banks has no known unnatural properties, except for a faint and distant glow. Regardless, people claim it has many miraculous uses and charge exorbitant prices for it in the Empire.